A Guide to "Best Bud" Status

Posted: May 20, 2022







Instead of sending that fruit basket to your loved one with cancer, here are more impactful ways to show you care.

You’re a wonderful friend – don’t try to deny it. You’re here, making an effort to support your bud in a meaningful way, aren’t you!? As someone with "best bud" status, you’re sort of obligated to not send flowers or fruit baskets to friends with cancer. 

But don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Most people didn’t get the memo, either. 

“Flowers are a nice gesture, but I am sick of hearing ‘get well soon’ when I don’t know how.” –Our bud, Katie

We know these gifts are sent with loving intent, but flower arrangements and baskets full of fruit aren’t super helpful when you’re undergoing treatment. In fact, billions of dollars are spent annually on gifts that really aren’t doing much to help our buds get WELL. Wondering what you should send instead? C’mon, that’s what we’re here for!

These creative gift ideas from our buddhi community are a great way to show you care in an unexpected and meaningful way. 

  • A Founder's Favorites Box. (Duh!) The healing treasures within were handpicked from mission-aligned merchants (underrepresented and purpose-driven business owners) and are sure to lift your bud’s spirits. And best of all, it comes with your handwritten note and an invitation to join our community.

  • An ear. Make it clear that you’re going to be there to listen to them without judgment through it all. The anger, the vulnerability, the side effects, the struggle to stay positive… all of these are things cancer thrivers may find difficult to share. Be their safe place to do so.

  • A shoutout. Have their favorite reality star or role model send them a Cameo to brighten their day with a personalized video greeting. 

  • A meme or video soooo funny it will make them spit out their drink mid-scroll.

  • Netflix and Chill Out. Curate a list of some of your favorite uplifting podcasts or feel-good movies and shows for them to pass the time with, and share with a membership they can enjoy even more. 

  • Aromatherapy. Send them a Wellness 101 kit to de-stress and rest better, or a Saje gift card that lets them choose which scents they like best. 

  • Old pictures of a special memory you share with a note describing how they made you feel. “Can’t wait until we’re able to dress up for Halloween together when you are ready to dominate the costume game again! No one makes me laugh like you do.”

  • Clarity. Cancer wreaks havoc on the mind along with the body. Send them a gift card for a meditation app to help support their mind. And, better yet--offer to do a 30-day challenge with them, if they’re up to it.

  • A modern-day mixtape. Make a Spotify playlist of songs that you can’t help but dance to. You’ll get brownie points for including tracks that remind them of better times together. 

  • “Just” a compliment. Letting someone know how much you appreciate having them in your life and the specific ways that they bring light into it is so underrated. Create a love note or journal with prompts reminding them of what you love about them so they can reflect on positive things throughout their treatment, and you can deepen your bond.

  • Dinner. Whipping up something nutritious and homemade says, “I care,” while also supporting your friend’s physical wellbeing in a tangible way. You both may find it easier (and safer) to send a meal kit so they can choose what and when to enjoy it!

  • Page turners. We found HEAL and Between Two Kingdoms to be particularly useful to get our minds right, but pick out whatever books they might enjoy in paper, digital, or audiobook.

  • A little company. Invite them to join you in a wellness activity online (or in-person, when possible). We host free wellness events for our community, and would love to see you both there!

We’ve got a lot more ideas where this came from, and will be releasing new features to make it easier to show your support soon, so stay tuned and follow us on social media @hibuddhi.

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