Diving Head First Back into the Dating World

Posted: October 14, 2020









Trying to date with “Big C Energy”? “Tough to navigate” is an understatement.

It’s a wild, wild world out there. Fortunately, we’ve got some (actually, too much) experience in that department. Whether you’re looking for a new love connection or finding yourself in a rut with your long term S.O., we’ve got your back, bud!

Ready to feel some butterflies in your stomach that aren’t caused by your chemo?! You deserve all the points, and we’re excited for you! We’ve got some suggestions if you’re considering diving back into the dating world.

Here are our top six tips for getting your sexy back during or after treatment: 

1) Lean on your best buds. 

Talk to them about how you’re feeling. Maybe they can help lend some advice. Reach out to a trusted friend if you’ve fallen into a rut with your S.O. and can’t think of a creative way to get your lovin’ feeling back! They probably can’t transform your hospital room into a romantic riviera, but they can help you brainstorm new ways to connect and make the best of the situation.  If you’re just getting back out there, hit up your wittiest bud to help you craft a dating profile. Ask them for advice on striking up a convo with that cute new match. 

Not sure who to talk to? Your new buds in our community are here to help too. (Like we said, we actually have TOO much experience in this area...)

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