First Cancer, Now COVID-19? Here are Some Ways to Cope.

Posted: September 15, 2020








Mental Health

Freaking out about COVID-19 and your cancer history? We’ve got your back, bud. 

We’re sick of hearing about the terrifying realities of COVID-19 on those of us with a cancer history. Like, as if cancer didn’t suck enough, now we’re at high risk for coronavirus, too? If you’re anything like us, you want to feel better (hint: don’t watch the news or check CNN.com religiously). 

Besides social distancing and protecting yourself as best you can, here are some ways you can keep your mind right until this shit-storm passes. 

1) Make Time for Mindfulness

Worry does no good. We all learn that in our own time after receiving that other crummy diagnosis starting with a capital ‘C’. How can anyone stop at a time like this, though? 

One word: Mindfulness. 

By learning to focus your mind on what brings you joy, you’ll find a little peace- even in lockdown! Not sure where to start? Several times a week, The Big Quiet is hosting group meditations live on Instagram. Downloading the Shine app will also get you motivational good morning texts, quick affirmations, and a convenient gratitude journal.

And hey- don’t forget to breathe! 

2) Self-Care. Seriously!

It’s more than a social media buzz-word: self-care is super for managing stress. What makes you feel warm? Fuzzy? Safe? Do as much of it as you can.

Here are a few humble suggestions: 

  • A long nap under that old quilt from your nan. 

  • Escaping intrusive thoughts about COVID-19 and your cancer history for a few hours via a great book.

  • Taking a few minutes to sip a soothing herbal tea all alone. (Pass that parenting baton to your partner for a bit!)

  • Slipping into your fancy pajamas. You know the ones. 

  • Just giving yourself time and space to name and acknowledge what you’re feeling about the extra difficulty COVID-19 adds to being a cancer thriver.

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