Resource Roundup: Fiery Tips for Sex, Intimacy, and Dating During + After Cancer

Posted: February 1, 2022







Let’s talk about sex, baby. 

Whether your love life is spicy or lacks Salt-N-Pepa, we want to normalize the conversation around dating, intimacy, and sex during AND after cancer. It sucks, and it’s hard (no pun intended), but it shouldn’t be taboo. Read a few of our favorite tips and stories for igniting your flame in this resource roundup.

Braving sex during and after treatment:

Oncology has a long way to go in supporting cancer thrivers and their partners with the resources to navigate sex. New bodies, scars, libido levels, and relationship dynamics are all affected by cancer, and not in the best ways. Read our tips on asking the right Qs, communicating with a partner, and finding joy in sex again.

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Pleasure and self-love when it feels impossible:

Hey, bud — you deserve pleasure. You deserve self-love. But cancer can take that away without much of a fight. Regaining confidence and coming to terms with your new body takes time, but it’s worth the effort. Read our favorite ways to get your mojo back and embrace body positivity even when it feels impossible.

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Straightforward answers from an intimacy expert:

Wondering how to find your sexual appetite after menopause, a mastectomy, or when your partner becomes your caregiver? This Q&A with Jennifer Litner of Embrace Sexual Wellness answers real questions from the buddhi community on cancer and intimacy. 

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Swipe right on dating:

It’s a jungle out there, cancer or not. Whether you’re looking to find the one or casually date around, it can be hard to enjoy the journey after diagnosis or treatment. We’ve got advice for getting back in the game, and how to handle friends (or hook-ups) that totally ghost you – a horror story we know all too well.

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