Resource Roundup: Self-Care Tips to Propel You Into the New Year

Posted: December 14, 2021












As 2022 rears its hopefully-better-than-2020-and-2021 head, we’re trying to protect our vibes as much as possible. Here’s your friendly reminder that self-care isn't selfish, especially when dealing with cancer and its after-effects.

See a few of our favorite posts on practicing self-care – from expressive therapy and sex, to eating healthy – in this resource roundup.

Therapy and healing activities:

Tap Into Your "Bob Ross" Energy – How Expressive Therapy Promotes Healing (And 4 Types to Try)

Maybe you’re already into talk therapy and loving (or hating) it. Other types of therapy – like expressive therapy – don’t involve lying on a couch and pouring out your life story. Read the scoop on four of our faves, including art, dance, music, and writing.

Journaling isn’t just for teenage girls. And yes, it really can help you heal.

“Dear diary, I’m really over this sh*t.” Writing your emotions, frustrations, hopes, and goals into a notebook can help healthily release bottled-up emotions. Putting pen to paper — or keyboard to Google Doc — can provide therapeutic benefits throughout your entire cancer experience. 

Is meditation magic? No, It's a miracle drug.

Meditation is full of perks for the mind, body, and soul. Not only can this practice help promote rest, sleep, and self-awareness, but it can reduce stress, pain, and blood pressure. Read more about the pros of meditation and a few of our favorite resources to get started.

Self-love and intimacy during and after cancer:

Here’s how you and your boo thang can navigate intimacy + sexual pleasure during and after treatment.

We’ll be the first to say it: during and after cancer treatment, sex takes a hit (no pun intended). Intimacy struggles are typically unspoken side effects of cancer, and your doc probably won’t be the first to ask you about it. Read our tips on recognizing and owning your sexual health during this season.

Getting Your Mojo Back — How to Find Pleasure and Self-Love In Treatment and Recovery

Body love isn’t always easy, even when cancer isn’t a component. But loving yourself can help you heal. Read our hot tips for feeling sexy again, even if it takes time. YOU deserve it.

Ask an Expert: Intimacy + Sexual Wellness

We know about the birds and the bees, but we wanted to ask a real sex expert our burning questions about intimacy and cancer. Read a Q&A with Jennifer Litner of Embrace Sexual Wellness, featuring exclusive questions from the buddhi community.

Diving Headfirst Back Into the Dating World

Got “Meet Mr./Mrs. Right” on your 2022 to-do list? We’ve got tips for getting back into the dating scene, from practicing self-pleasure and meditation, to a reminder you’re worth all the love in the world. 

Body wellness and eating:

Treat Yo'self (In the Kitchen): A Beginner's Guide to Eating Well

We’re firm believers that shameful diet culture can F off, but sometimes you need to adjust eating habits throughout your cancer treatment and recovery. Our biggest point is that healthy eating isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, and that everyone should still enjoy food (while treating your body well, of course). 

Simple Tips for Moving Your Bod to Improve Your Mood and Mobility

Yoga. Dance. Stretching. Jogging. However you like to move your body, adding it into your daily routines can be a welcomed distraction and health benefit during cancer treatment. Check out our tips and ask your doctor about appropriate exercises you can enjoy. 

When the Odds are Stacked Against You and Your Zzzs

Sleep is a touchy subject during and after cancer treatment. Hospital stays, funky meds, and unregulated body temperatures make getting your Zzzs harder than usual. Try these hacks to get better rest, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Instead of counting sheep, try this to sleep.

When sleep is a stranger, you’ll try anything to get acquainted. We know the struggle. This tip-rich guide to sleep products, supplements, and routines just might help.

What are your self-care goals for the new year? Let us know – join the conversation in buddhi.

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