Struggling with Patience as a Cancer Patient?

Posted: November 4, 2021






Mental Health

Being a patient in the healthcare system is an exercise in patience. One might even call it a daily practice. 

If you were playing BINGO on any given day in treatment and got to put a chip down on your board for every annoyance that arises, what would your card look like? You’d probably “win” every day before noon! Between long wait times, schedule changes, insurance hassles, second opinions, phone disconnections and so much more—it’s easy to lose your patience and start taking your frustration out on the human(s) tasked with taking care of you. 

We’ve found it best to do some prep work – arm yourself with coping techniques before you start tackling any healthcare-related process. 

Here are our best tips for keeping your cool when you feel like you can’t take another minute of the real-life medical drama:

Be Prepared 

From your insurance info to provider health forms and your personal documents, gather everything you may need at an appointment in one place plenty of time before you head out. Bringing your own paper and pen to take notes during check-ups can help you remember more important details when you get home. You’ll also want a place to track symptoms for your care team between appointments. 

Sound overwhelming? It kind of is, but The Better Book Cancer Planner from FIVE DOT POST can help you keep all of these things in one convenient place.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to prep your mindset along with your paperwork!  Before getting on the phone or going into an office / appointment, manifest the desired outcome using visual techniques.

Bring a Distraction

Virtual visits have been on the rise due to the pandemic, but if you’re heading to appointments or offices in-person, bring something to do or read. Choose something that will bring you joy while killing an annoying amount of time waiting around. If you’re looking for a good book, we got you, bud. 

Other great options include guided meditations and podcasts. Just don’t forget your headphones! Adult coloring books featuring mandalas, giant flowery curse words, or whatever else you’re into are surprisingly cathartic. If possible, bringing along that best bud who is always asking how they can help be a calming distraction, as well. 

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