Thriver Spotlight: Meet Our Bud, Tiffany

Posted: January 18, 2022








Tiffany is a consultant, breast-cancer thriver, and virtual dance-party host extraordinaire. But even with enviable swag, she’s no exception to the hardships that come with a cancer diagnosis and beyond. This is her story.

ICYMI: we went live on Instagram with Tiffany in October as part of our Thriver Thursday series — check out the convo here!

Tiffany’s Cancer Story

Tiffany found a lump in her left breast while on vacation in Iceland with her husband. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35, and the news threw this confident, self-assured, adventurous woman for a loop.

"I was a lost puppy when I was diagnosed. I had no idea what I was doing or how I would make it through. I've since met so many new friends that I would take a bullet for. This is my why. It is invaluable."

Tiffany had a double mastectomy in March 2018. Around that time, the results from the TAILORx breast cancer trial – which sought to identify patients who will and will not benefit from chemotherapy – were released, and weighed into the decision she ultimately made to have chemo.

Participants of the study were under the age of 50 with RS scores 11-25, and they would skip chemo and take tamoxifen for treatment. With a score of 24, this was a grey area for Tiffany. Her medical team thought it would be best to move forward with eight cycles of chemo and five weeks of radiation. Now, she’s on tamoxifen.

Throughout her treatment and recovery, Tiffany still feels like she can’t let her guard down when it comes to advocating for her health. For example, she has to ask for annual bloodwork from her oncologist despite having no symptoms. 

"I feel like the forgotten patient.”

Tiffany is now writing a book about her cancer experience and the process of uncovering her estranged birth father’s medical history. “It’s about how one life event can give you perspective on information you never thought you’d needed to explore,” she said. 

Support, Hip-Hop, and #ReclaimOctober

Tiffany discovered The Breasties during treatment, and the healing game changed. “I met so many new friends that I would take a bullet for,” she said. She knew the bonds formed through shared trauma were something no one could break. It was her turn to create a community for cancer support in a fun way.

Tiffany is one half of the Hip-hop Happy Hour (@hiphop_happyhour) host team, where “ANYONE (esp those in the cancer or chronic/invisible illness fam) can come & hang” on Friday evenings.

Last October, Tiffany and Trish (her HHHH co-host) noticed how much breast cancer awareness turned into corporations using it for their gain. They wanted to “Reclaim October” in 2021, where they raised almost $18K for grassroots charities that make a direct impact. The duo formed street teams to advocate and use their voices to drive awareness. 

Let’s get to know her better!

Fun Facts About Tiffany

     1. She's publishing a book (now in the editing process). 

     2. She used to work in fashion for Burberry and now runs her own consulting business.

     3. She was recognized as one of Business Insider's “Most Innovative Career Coaches” in 2020. 

What brings her joy: Hip-hop music, writing, her dog, traveling with her hubby

Wellness rituals: Acupuncture during chemo, therapy, and Hip-Hop Happy Hour

Come pop, lock, and drop it with buddhi and Tiffany (@tiffanydyba and @c.d.r.e.a.m) every Friday at Hip-Hop Happy Hour (@hiphop_happyhour)

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