Treat Yo'self (In the Kitchen): A Beginner's Guide to Eating Well

Posted: October 14, 2020







Healthy eating is a challenge for most people, but when you’re in treatment and recovery, it can be a total mind f*ck. 

There’s no shortage of advice, but if we’re in treatment and feeling the nauseating side effects of cancer-fighting meds, we may not want to eat kale and blueberries, thank you very much. Many of us have digestive issues when we’re recovering, too, as if things weren’t complicated enough. 

There’s just no one-size fits all approach to nutrition for those with a history of cancer. 

Sure, some studies show that certain foods fight cancer (these are generally foods that are good for EVERYONE to eat more of!), but eating shouldn’t cause you any more stress! Don’t food shame yourself. 

This topic is loaded as hell, but we’re here to offer some simple and realistic tips to help you feel your best when you’re deciding what to eat - whether you’re cooking or someone else is doing the cooking for you. 

Seek Expert Advice

If you can, it’s a great idea to meet with a nutritionist or functional medicine doc to determine the diet that’s right for you. Parsley Health offers personalized care and support based on your labs, as well as your genetics and lifestyle. They’ve got experience working around the tricky stuff- like digestive issues post-treatment. A leader in the field of functional medicine, Dr. Mark Hyman believes that food is the secret to happiness and health, and supports a no-nonsense approach to healthy eating that anyone can learn. 

Plan Ahead

Meal planning when possible can be helpful. Although you may not feel up to doing the prep every week, having balanced homemade meals that you know you can stomach either ready to pop in the microwave or eat straight out of the fridge is GOLDEN. If you’ve got friends hovering around that want to help and don’t know how, here’s their opportunity! Never seen them pick up a pot? It’s ok to “cheat”. Just have them order some ready-made meal kits and ship them to your door. Services like SunBasket and Green Chef make it easier than ever to enjoy a variety of nutrient-dense meals with as little effort as possible 

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