Freaking out about COVID-19 and your cancer history? We’ve got your back, bud.

We’re sick of hearing about the terrifying realities of COVID-19 on those of us with a cancer history. Like, as if cancer didn’t suck enough now we’re at high risk for coronavirus, too? If you’re anything like us, you want to feel better (Hint: Don’t watch the news or check religiously).

Besides social distancing and protecting yourself as best you can (Need a mask? We can help with that!), here are some ways you can keep your mind right until this shitstorm passes.

1) Make Time For Mindfulness

Worry does no good. We all learn that in our own time after receiving that other crummy diagnosis starting with a capital ‘C’. How can anyone stop at a time like this, though?

One word: Mindfulness.

By learning to focus your mind on what brings you joy, you’ll find a little peace- even in lockdown! Not sure where to start? Several times a week, The Big Quiet is hosting group meditations live on Instagram. Downloading the Shine app will also get you motivational good morning texts, quick affirmations, and a convenient gratitude journal.

And hey- don’t forget to breathe!

2) Self-Care. Seriously!

It’s more than a social media buzz-word: Self-care is super for managing stress. What makes you feel warm? Fuzzy? Safe? Do as much of it as you can.

Here are a few humble suggestions:

3) COVID-19 Protection in Your Pantry

Roll your eyes if you want, pal, but you really are what you eat. Better nutrition = higher immunity. You can take that a step farther, though, by adding foods featuring immune-boosting, virus-butt-kicking flavonoids to your Instacart.

According to functional medicine expert Dr. Mark Hyman, you’ve got a lot to choose from:

You can read more about the ideal diet for reducing high-risk for coronavirus in his blog titled, “A Functional Medicine Approach to COVID-19” here. Then, take a sec to check out Parsley Health for some personalized wellness coaching and telemedicine.

4) Stay Connected

Repeat after us: “I am NOT alone!” Say it until you mean it.

“When I connect with people, it gets me out of my own mind full of problems & fears, & helps me stock up on compassion.” -Jackie Cantwell, Director of Medi Club

Whatever sweet device you’re reading this on connects you to video chats, Insta & FB Lives, 1:1 peer support... You name it. Even if it’s just a meme that made you snort or a quick, “How are you holding up?” text, staying connected to your buds is the best reminder that even though both COVID-19 and cancer SUCK, we are all in this together.

Feeling lonely? We’re here for you! Slide into our DMs @hibuddhi on IG/FB to say hi.

5) Moving & Grooving

We don’t need to tell you that daily movement makes a major difference in every aspect of your health. We just want to offer a gentle reminder that exercise is like an espresso for your immune system. It’s also worth mentioning that it improves mental health. Don’t dare try to claim you can’t use a few extra endorphins right now! There’s no need to need to channel Tony Horton. Just choose something you love:

BONUS: Combine this with the last tip & take one of the many fitness classes or watch a DJ set on Instagram.

6) Finding Joy

Things feel dark. Find what lights YOU up.

If you love to write, check out thriver Suleika Jaouad’s 30-day challenge, The Isolation Journals. You can still find art supplies on Amazon if you need to scratch the urge to create. Virtual Twistshops can take the catharsis even farther by connecting you with those who understand the extra stress you’re under as a cancer thriver. You don’t have to be Pablo Picasso--just put pen to paper and express yourself! If you enjoy music, maybe it’s time to learn a new instrument. Try asking your friends to share their favorite songs, and spend some time exploring new genres, too.

If all else fails and you just need a laugh, Netflix has a ton of stand-up comedy specials. And remember, there is literally NO shame in plopping on the couch to binge watch a new series right now. In fact, it’s the responsible thing to do.

We want to hear from you! What are some of the ways you’re taking care of yourself through the coronavirus chaos? Slide into our DMs @hibuddhi on IG/FB.

Let’s get well, together.

When it comes to getting
well, we all need a little help.