Cancer and technology can both cause isolation—but we create connections.

When it comes to coping with cancer, we could all use a bud.


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This is where endless encouragement meets real-talk solutions. Members can access guides, articles and videos powered by the knowledge and experiences of our thriving community.

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This is a judgment-free zone. we’re discussing the real sh*t your other friends might not understand, and curating expert-led virtual events to provide addditional support for your mind-body healing.

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Express yourself in a productive and playful way.

Use your words and find your voice—as playful, fiery or four-lettered as feels good to you. Choose from a variety of prompts to explore your feelings and help friends and family understand how to support you.

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Share and you shall receive (gifts that help)!

When you share updates with friends and family, they'll learn how to support your healing journey. One of the ways they can do so is by adding funds to your wellness wallet, which you can use to purchase items from a socially responsible marketplace we've curated just for you.

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