What is buddhi?






:to be awake; to understand; to know.

Our Founder:

Kathleen Brown

For nearly 25 years I have navigated the often tumultuous and isolating road as a cancer survivor--as many of us do--without a get-well guidebook. Since St. Jude saved my life as a teenager, I have raised millions of dollars for cancer research and treatment while serving as a patient advocate and taking part in studies to improve care for others. All these years, as I put my own healing on the back burner, I had the great fortune of meeting thousands of people whose lives have also been touched by cancer. When I started to open up about my struggles, I found company in commiseration. Literally, that is how this purpose-driven business was formed. This was my wake-up call. I realized that we all share a desire to get well and help our loved ones do the same.

Let`s get well together.

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