Cancer and technology can both cause isolation—but we create connections.

Just give them your love and support—there’s a buddhi to help guide them through the rest.

A cancer community that has your back.

Your bud is likely sick of hearing the same old sh*t from well-intentioned friends and family. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back too. By inviting them to join buddhi, we will learn how you can support their healing journey.

If you don’t know what to do or say to support someone in your life in treatment in recovery, that’s totally normal! We have just the guide for you.

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Social Support Tool

Express yourself without worry.

Not sure what to say or how to show your support? Choose from a variety of prompts to express yourself instead of sounding insincere or worse, ghosting your bud.

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Wellness Marketplace

Show them you’ve got their back.

Don’t rely on Google to suggest the “perfect” get-well gift. (Ugh.) We’ll make it easier for you and your bud with a curated marketplace of healing resources from socially responsible businesses.

Know someone who could use a bud? Send them an invitation to join our community -- for free.

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